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Your private label in good hands

Are you interested in selling products under your own label? No problem. Together, we will create a design that will help you stand out. High quality, affordable, trendy and fresh. You can leave the entire process to us. We design, manufacture, package and distribute.

Multiple collections per year

If you manufacture products under your own brand name, you want to be able to rely on a high quality and unique design. After all, your image is at stake. We will ensure that your products meet all requirements and standards. We pay attention to even the smallest details. Because our products are produced under our own management, we are able to deliver quickly and flexibly. This allows you to refresh your collection multiple times per year. And that is exactly what today's customer is looking for.

From concept to complete line

We excel at developing concepts. If you have an idea, a photograph, an object or a mood board, we can base our designs on those to create an entire line for you. Including chairs, loungers, cushions, curtains and plaid blankets for example. The possibilities are endless. Rotation prints, wrapping, piping, stitched-in brand labels, stitch work, embroidery or applications. Be inspired!

How fast?

Once our designers start to work on your ideas, you will receive the first sample within two weeks and will be able to stock the product in your store(s) within 8 weeks after that. That’s how fast the process can be. Interested? Please feel free to contact us.